Immersive Interfaces

We speak about immersive interfaces, if a human user has a natural, or even supernatural, experience when he interacts with an artificial system. In mediated reality applications such an experience is based on an extension of the user’s (visual) perception of reality and an adaptive human computer interaction. We believe that adaptivity is the central part in this process and can be extended by the usage of sensors in addition to classical input devices as a mouse or a touchscreen. See also H. Müller, F. Wiesinger: Modelling „user understanding“ in simple communication tasks. (AVI 2006 – Context in advanced interfaces, Venice 2006)

Study „Here’s lookin‘ at you, kid“ – a display that can see. (H. Müller/2004)

In cooperation with the Institute for Architecture an Planning of the University of Technology Vienna we developed several interactive installations utilizing panorama images. Our latest experimental setups combine video sequences and 360 degree panorama pictures and utilize multi-sensor technology for user interaction.

Clients & Partners

digital architecture and planing (iemar)
Griffner Haus AG