Time Paint

The Graz based company HS-Art Digital Services offers DIAMANT-Film, a  software suite for the restoration of digital film and HDTV movies. With this solution it is possible to either restore digital film sequences in an automatic way or to manually  retouch single frames with  DUSTBUSTER+.

The next generation of restoration software will integrate  temporal tools, which will manipulate a sequences of images with one single user interaction. The solution for this challenge is based on:

  • A local motion analysis, which allows interactive „repairing“ of damaged parts and the continuation of the paint operations in the neighboring images.
  • Visualization of time and temporal interactions. Starting with the monocle principle ( a „digital monocle“ shows both the current image and the corresponding areas of the image sequence in one drawing tool) and so called OM images we currently develop new visualization methods.
  • GPU based acceleration of the manipulation tools  (particularly for motion analysis operations)  in order to achieve a high degree of interactivity („fluid user interface“).

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